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With the "SDS@hd-Management" web tool provide the users of the SDS@hd storage service a lot of administrative tasks, such as controlling access permissions and quotas.

Speichervorhaben as administrative units

So-called “Speichervorhaben”, or “SV” for short, are used as organizational administrative units for the SDS@hd storage service. The following components belong to an SV:
  • a responsible person (= Antragsteller bzw. Antragstellerin)
  • an acronym (= unique identifier)
  • a usergroup on the storage system
  • a dedicated share with defined quota
  • a deprovisioning (restriction of access, up to and including deletion) of the SV is possible, if it is no longer required or terms of use are no longer met


The use of the SDS@hd service is accompanied by the obligation to document the use of the service. The following section must be inserted in all publications for which the SDS@hd storage service was involved:

The authors gratefully acknowledge the data storage service SDS@hd supported by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg (MWK) and the German Research Foundation (DFG) through grant INST 35/1314-1 FUGG and INST 35/1503-1 FUGG.

Additionally, please send any references to publications, scientific posters and information on Third-party funded projects, which uses the SDS@hd service to the address sds-hd-support@urz.uni-heidelberg.de.
This information is required for the assessment of the storage service by the DFG and proves the scientific value of the service. Exemplary reporting measures can support future applications that will enable the storage service to continue.


On "SDS@hd-Managementtool" you can ...